This is the story of a man wandering south… to see the Land of Enchantment. To walk upon the bright red earth and to elevate life the way only Nature could.

He wandered along endless rock paths that disappeared into the sky. Always looking left and then right, he sped along the paths. Giants rose from the plains, towering into the sunset. He knew man could never create such beauty.

He pressed on, scared to find the giants completely upside down. Looking at the abyss, he wondered what the first man thought when he gazed upon the endless trench. He wondered what the sliver of water must have looked like back then… possibly a raging snake, carving and eroding the landscape.

In awe, he drove on, without a care where he was going or where he would end the day. Each day a new landscape. Each day a new story. Earth bubbling to be free with water shooting into the sky. Soon he was lost.

Lost in the desert. Completely free like the water. Free of pity problems in life. Free of headaches from small, glowing screens. Free of worries about money and status.

He was lost in nature. This is where he belonged.

Once his journey is over he will ask everyone else to go. To get lost. To find the Land of Enchantment. To find the giants and the sand. And to find where they belong.




Trevin Spencer is a graphic designer, videographer and photographer working in the ad biz in Spokane, Washington. In his spare time he skis, bikes, hikes, backpacks, takes photographs and shoots video. On his travels he has captured the remote and desolate, as well as the grand and magnificent in the landscapes of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and up into British Columbia, Canada. His photos portray the grandeur of the terrain and, at times, a haunting desolation of the world around him.